oauth2.error — Error classes

Errors raised during the OAuth 2.0 flow.

class oauth2.error.AccessTokenNotFound[source]

Error indicating that an access token could not be read from the storage backend by an instance of oauth2.store.AccessTokenStore.

class oauth2.error.AuthCodeNotFound[source]

Error indicating that an authorization code could not be read from the storage backend by an instance of oauth2.store.AuthCodeStore.

class oauth2.error.ClientNotFoundError[source]

Error raised by an implementation of oauth2.store.ClientStore if a client does not exists.

class oauth2.error.OAuthBaseError(error, error_uri=None, explanation=None)[source]

Base class used by all OAuth 2.0 errors.

  • error – Identifier of the error.
  • error_uri – Set this to delivery an URL to your documentation that describes the error. (optional)
  • explanation – Short message that describes the error. (optional)
class oauth2.error.OAuthInvalidError(error, error_uri=None, explanation=None)[source]

Indicates an error during validation of a request.

class oauth2.error.UserNotAuthenticated[source]

Raised by a oauth2.web.SiteAdapter if a user could not be authenticated.